Updating old group policy templates Cam chat saudi arabia girl sex without register

This update also resolves the issue with evaluation reports and filters on evaluation questions.

This update also includes an update to grouping on cases that should improve performance on larger systems.

By default, deleted profiles attending activity records will be included, as they always have been; there is now an option to limit the report to currently visible profiles only.That meant that an attendance on date 1 would be counted in both sections - the 'number before date 1' and 'number between date 1 and 2'.Depending on the way you'd set up your group, this may have excluded or included people that should not have been.This will save you lots of time if you are frequently looking at a particular workarea or similar. We've introduced a new term that can be translated: activity.On the main menu we've had 'work' at the top level, but it also includes referrals, outcomes and so on.

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