Updating an old fireplace

This will give them a new tone without covering them completely.

And, if you use a paint color that matches the walls, your fireplace will go from sticking out to standing out.

Grimy bathroom walls are a major red flag to buyers.

Here is an easy way to get rid of surface mold: Mix a spray bottle with one part water and one part bleach.

Need to dress up a window but don't want to shell out big bucks for window treatments? First, apply a hook-and-loop fastener to the place mats and attach them in a row to a basic curtain rod.

Instead of paying big bucks to replace them, just stain them.

For less than , you will have a fireplace screen that'll keep your sale from going up in smoke.

Turn an unattractive fireplace into a selling feature.

Just spray it on the wall, and watch the mold disappear.

Give it a fresh coat of paint, and your grimy bathroom will go from red flag to red-hot. A grimy glass shower door can really wash out your sale.

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Stainless-steel appliances are definitely in with buyers.

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