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During Tolkin's portion of the commentary on the New Line DVD, he regrets that "Altman lost the sense of the writer and the police stalking Griffin.

You really lost the sense of the writer stalking Griffin.

Another voice gets on the speakerphone and reminds Griffin that he used to be in the postcard business.

He then pitches the events in Griffin's life (and the movie you've just watched to him) and it's Brian Brophy's voice again as Phil, though the name Phil never comes up.

Without Altman mentioning it on that Criterion laserdisc, I wouldn't know that.

Since it's not on New Line's version, fewer people will.

Sure, it could be a pain to have to get up a turn a disc over every half-hour or hour in the middle of a movie and purchase prices ran obscenely high, but when DVD came around, studios didn't let Criterion keep all the titles it had on laserdisc.

— if New Line had remembered to include him as Criterion and the credits did.Kahane's failed screenwriter buddy Phil (Brian Brophy) eulogizes his dead friend at a graveside service and turns it into a tirade about Hollywood, which he pronounces guilty of "assault with intent to kill" though he blames society for Kahane's actual murder."And the next time we sell a million dollar script and nail some shitbag producer, we'll say that's another one for David Kahane." At the end of the film, as Griffin drives home, fellow exec Larry Levy (Peter Gallagher) tells him he just has to hear this movie pitch.In the spirit of helping, I'm going to try to guide readers to the film's officially sanctioned cameos where I can.I've taken care of Annie Ross (though I don't think she should count) so let's try to take care of the other 64 guest appearances.

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