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The Shifang protest was a large-scale environmental protest in the southwestern Chinese city of Shifang, Sichuan province, against a copper plant that residents feared posed environmental and public health risks.

The protests spanned 1–3 July 2012, and drew thousands of participants.

Protests continued into the evening, with demonstrators demanding the release of the detained protesters, most of whom were students.

However, authorities consistently refuted reports of casualties or mass bloodshed, saying that only a few residents and police officers were injured.

The Shifang protests were notable in part due to the composition of the demonstration, which was largely led and organized by young students.

It is immoral for adults to exploit the young for political ends." The editorial was met with some derision on Chinese social media websites; one netizen responded by drawing attention to images of young school children being organized to participate in political rallies supporting the ruling Communist Party.An executive with Sichuan Hongda told Caijing magazine on July 9 that it was unclear whether the construction for copper plant would go forward in the future, and whether it would be located in Sichuan province.After the demonstrations, authorities were left to grapple with providing housing and compensation to approximately 2,300 villagers whose land had been requisitioned to make room for the copper plant.Of these about 400,000 included images and close to 10,000 included video." The protests gave rise a popular internet meme based on a photograph of a shield and baton-wielding police officer, identified as Liu Bo, chasing a group of young protesters.Liu's image was photoshopped into other scenes, depicting him chasing after actor Mark Wahlberg and Olympic hurdler Liu Xiang, or appearing in the background of Edvard Munch's The Scream.

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The Atlantic's Jessica Levine wrote that the image was "representative of a growing resentment toward alleged abuses by the People's Armed Police," noting that such memes can serve as a barometer of culture in an environment where freedom of speech is limited.

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