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In 2011, seventeen years after Cobain's death, Amy Winehouse died at the age of 27, and there was a large amount of media attention devoted to the club once again.He becomes very attentive of his looks and begins to enjoy the finer things of life. Old Age: He begins to lose his charm both physical and mental. He loses his firmness and assertiveness, and shrinks in stature and personality. Second Infancy: He loses his status and he becomes a non-entity. They are all located in the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges in Asia. September 11, 2001, the date on which two hijacked airliners were flown into the World Trade Center in New York City and another into the Pentagon.List of eight-thousanders: Mount Everest, K2, Kangchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Nanga Parbat, Annapurna, Gasherbrum I (aka Hidden Peak or K5), Broad Peak, Gasherbrum II (aka K4), Shishapangma. A fourth hijacked airliner crashed in open land in Pennsylvania.He tries to express feelings through song or some other cultural activity. The soldier: It is in this age that he thinks less of himself and begins to think more of others. He is always working towards making a reputation for himself and gaining recognition, however short-lived it may be, even at the cost of his own life. The justice: In this stage he has acquired wisdom through the many experiences he has had in life. The number Eight is considered to be a lucky number in Chinese and other Asian cultures.He has reached a stage where he has gained prosperity and social status. The Eight-Thousanders are the fourteen independent mountains on Earth that are more than 8,000 metres (26,247 ft) high above sea level.

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