Patty griffin dating robert plant

Sometimes there are butterflies, she says, but there weren’t this time.

At Austin’s pocket-size Continental Club in December, 200 people had crowded in to witness the first of two charity gigs billed as “Patty Griffin & Her Driver.” They had a fairly good idea of who the “driver” was: Griffin’s boyfriend, Robert Plant.

She’d effectively be a backup singer, but she says that was okay because it would give her more time to grieve and let her do the kind of singing she grew up on, singing that could help her shed the folksinger tag she had so often been saddled with.

She would get to rock.“What inspired me to sing in the first place was rock stuff, showy stuff,” she says.

And in spite of her singular voice, other singer-songwriters have taken on her compositions as well, including the Dixie Chicks (who recorded three of them), Emmylou Harris, and Kelly Clarkson. “When you write a song, you hope people are going to sing with the record, at home, in their cars.

But despite all the paparazzi-like behavior on display, perhaps the most extraordinary part of the evening was the solo set Griffin opened with, which compelled every one of those 200 people to stand rapt, in pin-drop silence.“I guess when I’m done with this I want to have some music that people keep in their lives for years to come,” she says. You hope to have done some work that’s strong enough to connect with people after you’re gone. I just listened to Bo Diddley last night while I was washing my floors, and man, he’s hilarious. And then there was the song about a soldier’s suicide.It was some of the most complex work of Griffin’s career, and she made it sound instantly familiar on the first pass. That intimate-sounding collection of what were essentially bedroom tapes intended to be demos connected with people just in time for the Lilith Fair tours and the female singer-songwriter boom that the tours ushered in.

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