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When a bankruptcy is successfully completed, the court issues a Discharge.

A Discharge is a permanent order from the court enjoining (prohibiting) creditors from trying ever again to collect on a debt that has been discharged.

Working folks, doctors, lawyers, engineers, bankers, business owners, loan officers, government officials, teachers, airline pilots—we’ve helped them all over the years.

But with so much wrong information about bankruptcy rattling around in the media and on the web, we’ve found that one of our jobs is to make sure that our clients understand , you’ll get regular articles and updates by email.

I have been representing clients in Valley bankruptcy cases for about 33 years.

"Buena Calidad a Bajo Costo", y para que esto sea posible las empresas deben cumplir con las normas de calidad establecidas según el ramo de las mismas; pero siempre con la idea de mejorar dichas normas para ganar la preferencia del consumidor, y así poder competir con las diferentes empresas del ramo. I want them to be safe and it rips my heart out when they get hurt.With that said, I think I worry more about what we learned as kids and what they are missing as a result of all this overprotection crap nowadays.Under the bankruptcy law, people are referred to as “individuals” or “persons” to distinguish them from corporations or other business organizations.The moment the Petition is filed, bankruptcy law imposes an Automatic Staywhich operates as a restraining order against the creditors.

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