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He had at least one younger brother, Todr, and possibly another brother and sister as well.

The greatest skill he honed on the agro-combine, though, was piloting.

He served dutifully, demonstrating a strong sense of responsibility for his men.

After a series of events out of his control tarnished his career, Fel was exiled to the lackluster 181st Imperial Fighter Wing, which he revived, eventually gaining its command and the title of Baron of the Empire, winning Fel a reputation as the Empire's most deadly pilot and the 181st as its most elite starfighter unit.

Fel grew to be an accomplished pilot as he soared across AGR's lands in a skyhopper.

AGR director Ivr Drop called Fel, employed for only a month, into his office.Soontir Fel was considered among the best starfighter pilots in the galaxy, becoming an Imperial hero, but his journey to those heights was anything but easy.Born on Corellia to a farming family, Fel developed his piloting skills over the fields before gaining entrance to the Imperial Academy and beginning a career as a TIE fighter pilot.The local police, however, were loyal to AGR and Fel knew they would not prosecute the children of company managers—in Post's case, a member of the board.He therefore went to the Corellian Security Force, where Inspector Hal Horn took his statement and arrested Post.

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He told Fel that he had secured for him a last-minute senatorial appointment to the Imperial Academy on Carida.

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