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As the white men leave Crooks, he changes his mind about going to the farm with them, calling out, “I wouldn’ want to go no place like that.” This section introduces the character of Crooks, who has previously only made a brief appearance.

The black stable-hand has a crooked back—the source of his nickname—and is described as a “proud, aloof man” who spends much of his time reading.

Curley’s wife laughs at him, then bitterly complains about her life with Curley.

She sums up her situation, admitting that she feels pathetic to want company so desperately that she is willing to talk to the likes of Crooks, Candy, and Lennie.

Feeling weak and vulnerable himself, Crooks cruelly suggests that George might never return from town.

He enjoys torturing Lennie, until Lennie becomes angry and threatens Crooks, demanding to know “Who hurt George?

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