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I hear the same words that the naysayer teachers and administrators spoke in the movie spoken on a daily and weekly basis on the public high school campus where I teach.

I see the same objections and doubts and obstacles thrown up by the administration and teachers' union in the movie thrown up by administrations and unions today.

I work every day with the same underprivileged yet eager to be educated students as Escalante had, students who just need someone to challenge them and believe in them.

As much as I love this movie, every time I watch it, I become depressed all over again.Escalante himself described the film as "90% truth, 10% drama." He stated that several points were left out of the film.He pointed out that no student who did not know multiplication tables or fractions was ever taught calculus in a single year.For portraying Escalante, Edward James Olmos was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor at the 61st Academy Awards.Ten of the students agreed to sign waivers to allow the College Board their exam parts to Jay Mathews, the author of Escalante: The Best Teacher in America.

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