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It is used today, basically as originally translated, and is acknowledged to be one of the most reliable translations available.

For his part, Mesrob became one of the most revered saints in the Armenian Church.

Through all the trials and tribulations of the Armenian people, the church has been the rallying point.

It mimics not only the appearance and decorative elements but also crew's outfit.The two, nation and church, are so closely meshed that it appears that the phrase “national church” was specifically coined for the Armenians.Consequently, since its inception and to this very day, the church has been the center of political and social controversies.However, even as it spread, it was apparent that unless the church could communicate with the people in their own language, it could not have a long range effect.Armenian, at that time, was only a spoken language.

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His name still creates fervent emotion in the Armenian people, who cling to their language wherever they go.

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