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Bella decides marriage will solve her financial problems and auctions herself off as a wife, only to be bought for an unsuspecting Edward by his meddling but well-meaning Down syndrome brother, Emmett. Banner done by Kyndall Viscia PULLED AND PUBLISHED, available on Amazon and Create a Space under penname Rose Von Barnsley.

Starting on the morning of Bella's rebirth, she is learning to handle her new abilities and all the joys that come with being a vampire. Mi nombre es Edward, soy lo que llaman: una bastardo afortunado, mujeres, sexo, dinero ¿mencione sexo? si ese era yo hasta que un día se cruzó por mi camino un huracán enfundado en un minusculo vestido negro, ese día perdí la cabeza y cuando creía que estaba completamente loco me vi tomando esa mujer de la mano y prometiendo ser un jodido príncipe...

Bella is starving for a better life for her and her son, and taking her clothes off in front of a stranger is just the first of many lines she'll cross. And why does the owner believe Edward would make a good addition to his staff and perfect match for his latest starlet? Bella quiere recuperar a su marido, el cual ha puesto una distancia entre ellos y teme que se deba a otra mujer, su muy eficiente asistente personal, así que decide actuar rápidamente para recuperar a Edward.

Ella, una mujer que conoce una sola forma de trabajo. Pulled-to-Publish: It's Edward Cullen's 25th birthday, and his brother Emmett wants to celebrate by taking Edward to the local strip club. (ADAP)Secuela de "Harry Potter, el descendiente de Godric Gryffindor" Harry sigue luchando contra Voldemort para derrotarlo.

Diez años después, se reúnen, pero no todo es lo que parece.*ATTENTION! Todo estaba bien, hasta que conoció al capricho de su hermana, el egocéntrico y rebelde Edward Cullen.

THIS STORY IS BEING TAKEN DOWN ON JULY 7TH, 2017* Desperate times call for desperate measures. Quien no solo podía verla, sino que también logro cambiar su existencia.

Una Bella americana está pasando un año en Londres.

Edward talks Carlisle into luring Bella away from the abuse she is suffering.ADAPBella, a Principessa, is arranged to marry by her father to join the two families for a strong alliance.Bella decides to stop the marriage by losing her purity and sleep with a stranger, only giving him her first name and a goodbye.Dukeward Carlisle and Edward have been mates for 99 years.When Edward saves Bella Swan from being crushed by a van, they arrive at Forks Hospital where Bella is treated by Dr Carlisle Cullen.

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